Call for applications – 2023 edition

    Are you a community organization involved in literacy training? Do you have an idea to improve your services, but are lacking the resources to implement it? Submit your projects for the Alpha Bursary and you could get two bursaries adding up to $15,000 to make it happen!

    To respond to the challenges posed by the digital age, the Foundation is renewing the digital component of the Alpha Bursary for the second consecutive year. The objective of this $5,000 bursary is to support community literacy organizations in their efforts and initiatives to put in place technological or digital solutions that will enable them to develop new projects or improve their service offer.

    Two components, one submission and more financing opportunities:

    • Literacy component: bursary of $10,000

    To carry out a literacy project

    • Digital component: bursary of $5,000

    To support the digital portion of your project → All literacy projects with a digital component are eligible, whether they include a digital portion or whether they are completely digital. Registration is done in the appropriate portion of the submission form.

    As such, an organization submitting a project with a digital component could win the two bursaries OR a bursary for the literacy component only OR a bursary for the digital component only.

    Whether your goal is to :

    Develop and diversify your service offering

    Improve a service you already provide

    Meet the needs of a larger or more targeted clientele

    Turn an idea into a teaching or learning experience

    Add digital/IT components to your tools

    Strengthen your offer with technological solutions

    We want to help you realize your project!

    Eligibility requirements

    Being part of the Alpha Circle;

    Submit a full application;

    Send the submission form electronically before February 17, 2023 at midnight;

    In order to be eligible for the digital component, the project has to include a digital portion or be completely digital. For registering, fill out the appropriate part of the submission form ;

    An organisation can send several submissions.

    No financing will be awarded to the following projects: For-profit business projects ; Research projects ; Projects of a political nature.

    Evaluation process


    Step 1: Submitting your application

    You can access the application form by clicking on the button below. This must include a description of the project (5,000 characters maximum) and a provisional budget, by highlighting, if need be, the digital related elements.

    REMINDER : In order to be eligible for the digital component, the project must include a digital portion or be completely digital. To register, fill out the appropriate part of the submission form.


    Step 2: Project evaluation

    The Literacy Foundation reviews the projects received in the weeks following the contest deadline. A jury comprised of three people from outside the Foundation will evaluate all the applications received.

    In the context of its evaluation, the jury will prioritize projects that:

    are realistic;

    can inspire other organizations in the field;

    have a lasting impact.


    Step 3: Results

    Our team will contact the contact person of the winning project at the beginning of March 2023. Media events will then be organized.

    If you have any question, please contact:

    Slimane Saidj

    Head of Services

    extension 228


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