The COVID-19 crisis we are currently experiencing is having repercussions in all spheres of our lives.

We need to adapt to government guidelines, the realities of teleworking, and juggle education and entertainment for children, including meal preparation.

Encouraging literacy

In this context, the Literacy Foundation and La Tablée des Chefs, supported by the Government of Quebec and its partners, are teaming up to remind parents of the importance and the benefits of cooking as a family and eating a healthy diet during confinement, in addition to encouraging literacy for the whole family.

Video clips available for the whole family.

Through several video clips, the Literacy Foundation and La Tablée des Chefs offer parents easy-to-cook healthy snack and meal recipes inspired by the Cook-words workshops to encourage families to come together for a fun and educational activity during which children can practise their reading skills in addition to developing their cooking skills thanks to  Ricardo’s recipes!

Tacos de poulet aux haricots noirs
Trempettes et crudités