The Gift of Reading

The Gift of Reading program is for underprivileged children aged 0 to 12 from across Quebec and aims to prevent reading and writing difficulties that may lead to school dropout, and then illiteracy in Quebec.

The Gift of Reading, what is it?

Since 1999, The Gift of Reading program has made reading accessible to underprivileged children aged 0 to 12. To read is to equip yourself to succeed!

Every year, thanks to The Gift of Reading program, thousands of children receive brand new children’s books.

For underprivileged children, this book is often the first new book they receive. They appreciate it all the more since the books are chosen by a donor specifically for them.

This initiative helps to create a special bond with books and to prevent reading and writing difficulties that could lead to school dropout and then to illiteracy in Quebec.

The sooner children are put in contact with books, the better their relationship with reading will be throughout their life. Enjoying reading leads to academic success.

The Gift of Reading, how does it work?

Collecting and receiving thousands of books and redistributing them to as many children across Quebec requires foolproof logistics.

Here is an overview of the work required for each of the books received to reach their young future owner!

The Gift of Reading in numbers

1 145 738

books distributed since 1999

147 933

new children’s books were distributed in the 2022 edition


collection points across Quebec


participating establishments

Who can organize a book collection activity?

Whether you are an individual, a representative from a community organization or a business, you can organize a book collection activity for underprivileged children.

It is also possible to make a donation. Funds raised can be used for the purchase of books and program logistics, including the costs for shipping the books to the children.

Allow a child to discover the joys of reading: le goût et le plaisir de lire à un enfant :

Give a book

Organize a book collection activity

“The more knowledge and skills students have, the more likely they are to make good choices.”

Ismael Seck – Special education teacher

(Video only in french)

Where do books go?

Once the collection activities are complete, the Foundation team sorts the books received to ensure the quality and conformity of the titles that will be offered to children, in addition to dividing them by age group. The books collected are then distributed to children, in all regions, according to their language of instruction. In total, more than 388 French and English schools, 364 early childhood centres and daycares and 191 family and community organizations have benefited from the program.

The Literacy Foundation and its large network of committed individuals make it possible to distribute books to as many children as possible:


The participating schools receive the books and distribute them to the students in the context of a dedicated activity.

Childcare centres

As with schools, childcare centres in poor areas are targeted. All children are given a new book.

Family and community organizations

Family and community organizations give books to children attending the activities of the participating organizations. These organizations are located in working-class areas and reach both parents and children.

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