Book Drive and donations

To assist in passing on the pleasure of reading to a child, you have several choices!

Organize a Book Drive activity

Mobilize your team or your entourage! In addition to preventing illiteracy in Quebec and school dropouts, this program brings books into families that have little or no books.

3 easy steps


Determine the parameters of your project

Who? When? For how long? Choose the target group of participants, the time of year and the duration of the collection activity depending on the resources you have.



Order your collection kit

We will send you, free of charge, the necessary material depending on the type of collection activity you wish to organize. The kit contains everything you will need: posters and collection boxes!


Contact us to return the collected donations

Once your collection activity is complete, contact us so that we may collect the donations and the collection kit. All you have to do is tell us the number of packages and the desired pick-up date.

Give a book

To contribute to a collection activity, the participant must purchase a new children’s book and place the book in the box dedicated for this purpose.

What type of book should be donated?

New books intended for children aged 0 to 12, of a playful nature: stories, novels, comics, hardback books, etc.

Make a donation

You can also support the program with donations and thus help fight illiteracy in Quebec.

Mobilize your network to fight illiteracy in Quebec!

Let your entourage know, on social media, that you are fighting illiteracy in Quebec :

«Help change a life with me! By focusing on literacy and education, together we can become the most literate and educated society. Make a donation to the #TheGiftofReading program  @literacyfoundation!»

If you have any question, please contact:

Programs Team